My work is selected for the Reflections Depot Rotterdam. This artwork will be seen at several places in Rotterdam.

From an early age as a teenager, I have always been a dreamer. At school in the classroom looking through the window outside, a kind of silent longing for another and more fascinating world. After the coming onto the market -the Quartz Watch – around 1980 years, my fascination with technology began, the starting point of my wonder about technology. 

To this day I am surprised of what technological devices remain and only become stronger. Not only when I look to what technology has reached but I have even more fascination for what is to come. 

As an artist I try these two aspects  “dream away and fascination for technique” to merge in the drawings of the project Fundament of Construction (FOC).  The project FOC is a kind of ode to the power of technology and its unlimited possibilities.

I want my project show a personal perspective; an ‘alternative’ perspective on the relationship between people and their place in the world. The drawings show a constructed reality built up from a remix of (objects) technology, (classical) antiquity, (constructed and mythical) symbols, and the human figure. One symbol appears in many scenes; a red diamond shape. This diamond symbolizes the ‘fundament’ or ‘the mechanism’ of each individual.

This mechanism consists our intentions and the inner voice that gives direction to everyone’s place in society. In addition, this symbol also stands for humanity, that what makes us human, – power of people – in a world full of technology.

I feel that we live in a time where there is more and more individual ‘feel poverty’ . There is more and more body – distance to each other. Feelings, emotions, intentions, connections, characteristics that make us unique as humans seem to be in stark contrast to a world of digital technology. On the other hand we need technology to overcome crises and to remain in contact – world wide – with each other to share feelings, emotions, stories etc.

We have to ask ourself the question: What is the power of people and what is the power of technology? Can we join forces to make them accessible for every individual worldwide?