An art film has been made ‘The Fundament Experience 2023’. This film will be presented to various film festivals all over the world. If the film is shown, a notification will be posted on this website. The film uses metaphors and has a symbolic/philosophical narrative technique, scenes with actors and animations. 

As an artist you often look for a spirit of the times. Visualizing ideas and concepts that hang in ‘the air’. Sometimes you feel or discover something that you need to deal with as an artist. This film is a result of that.

The film tells a story in several short chapters that reflect a personal perspective on the origins of technology. In addition, the transition between classical religion and a world in which technology/science dominates is also discussed. Technology and science that can provide ‘contemporary’ answers to questions that we’re previously also answered by religion. The importance of our ‘inner voice’ and what Ai does with us are also discussed.

The red diamond symbol from the Fundament of Construction drawings project ( is also an important part of the film. It represents knowing who you are and what you want in life. Focus where you want to go. Feeling ‘transcendence’ in what you do – feeling intrinsically good, driven and looking for passion in your work/study or any other activity in the technological world we are living.

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